Creative Direction, Photography & Web Design


Figure 1: Photo Selects from Work Page


We created an interactive website for interdisciplinary design duo WORK/PLAY to showcase their rich, varied body of work. We photographed each piece in the “Work” section of their site which features graphic and print design they’ve done for museums and exhibitions, as well as a range of publications they’ve created. The goal was to capture the inventive quality of each piece and to ensure visual consistency in the overall presentation of the work.


Figure 2: Work and Play Pages


The site is broken up into two focal pages: Work and Play. The “Work” displays design work, while the “Play” page focusses on the fine art side of their practice. Dividing their portfolio gives viewers the opportunity to absorb each body of work individually. The ultimate hope was that by flipping back and forth between the spaces, viewers would be given the power compare and contrast the work without the need for text-based explanations from WORK/PLAY.


Figure 3: Work Page Closeup with Photo Examples


Figure 4: Info Page and Accordion Example



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