Daydream Sessions


Daydream Sessions is a three-part playlist and design experiment that explores the lifecycle of a daydream from its conception to suspension to its realization.


Figure 1: Part 1


Part 1: Run From encapsulates the feelings before a daydream, the reasons we escape from our everyday lives to our complex and vast interior landscapes. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.


Figure 2: Part 2


Part 2: Reverie is a suspended reverie, like laying in a soft cumulus cloud—almost two hours of sweet, swaying songs. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.


Figure 3: Part 3


Part 3: Take Shape explores the ways in which daydreams exist beyond fantasy— they are oftentimes an indicator or a pathway to a new reality. If we can hold a dream inside ourselves, we can allow it to take shape in life. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

Alyssa Knowling