Globe Building

Art Direction, Casting, Production & Photography 


In the early 20th century, the Globe Building was built in downtown St. Louis to house major railway companies. The building has been restructured, revitalized, and reimagined over the last 5 years, and now serves as a top tier office, data, and event space. NYC agency Young Hero recently refreshed the Globe Building’s digital presence and website, and brought us on to capture interior, exterior, and collaborative working images of the building. 


We worked to capture the history and innovation of the building by highlighting architectural details and sweeping shots of the building’s interior and exterior spaces. To add further dimension and human interaction to our photo set, we casted models to stage an overall collaborative environment, showcasing coworking, conversation, and the perks of working in such a multidimensional space. 

Creative Direction: Young Hero - Photography, Production & Casting: Visitor Assembly 


Figure 1: Interior Imagery Imagery


Figure 2: Coworking Imagery



Stefan Junir