Future Ancestor

Photography, Video, Copy & Print Design


Figure 1: Editorial Photos


Future Ancestor is a carefully curated retail space in St. Louis, MO that initially focussed on vintage and independent home goods. In December 2018, they launched a clothing and accessories addition to their shop called Descendant, and asked us to create their first lookbook. We worked with a team of creatives to capture the lookbook’s imagery and an accompanying video to announce the launch of Descendent.


Figure 2: Video


Figure 3: Lookbook Cover 


Figure 3: Spread Examples


When we began working on the layout of the lookbook, we decided to craft a story that would guide the photo curation and overall reading experience. We chose to accompany the imagery with lyrical text that reinforced the narrative of a poetic woman finding special ways to use her time in the dead of winter. The images were shot in digital and film, and we interspersed both styles throughout the piece to mirror Future Ancestor’s marriage of new and vintage goods. We collaborated with Advertisers Printing in St. Louis to print and bind the final saddle-stitched lookbook. 

Video: Sean Funcik - Art Direction: Eve Daher Kinsella - Creative Direction: Julia Leenig - Hair & Makeup: Caleigh Hampton - Model: Trudy Hayden



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