Blueprint Coffee

Art Direction, Photography, Copy, Illustration, Graphic Design & Video


Figure 1: Food & Drink Imagery


Our work with Blueprint Coffee, a coffee roaster and cafe in St. Louis, has been an ongoing project over the past handful of years. One of our primary goals has been to capture the essence and growth of the company through photography. We’ve documented every aspect of Blueprint: the day-to-day life of the cafe, interior and exterior shots, staff members, menu items, customer interactions, and events. Through our lens, we’ve been able to witness Blueprint’s considerable staff increase and expansion into multiple spaces, and we’ve been able to use our imagery to not only document, but tell BPC’s story of a flourishing small business. Our imagery has been featured on their website, blog, and social media outlets, as well as for various press features on the company. 


Figure 2: Capturing Cafe Culture


Figure 3: Detail Shots from Staff Profile


To accompany our large photo portfolio, we’ve also contributed illustrations and text to Blueprint’s content pool. Our illustrative works have been used for merchandise, website content, and print materials for internal and public use. The “Meet the Members” series on Blueprint’s blog has been our most comprehensive marriage of writing, illustration, and photos for the company— the series highlighted each of the five Blueprint Coffee owners to showcase their coffee journeys, roles, and personalities. 


Figure 4: Interior and Exterior Cafe Illustrations



Sarah Stracke