Angad Arts Hotel

Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, Print Design, Copy & Web Design 


Figure 1: Tradeshow Banner & Ad Design


Angad Arts Hotel is a boutique, arts-centric hotel that opened at the end of 2018 in St. Louis, MO. Our work with AAH began almost a year before opening, and throughout their pre-opening phase, we assisted with brand guidelines, print collateral, and advertisement design. Our focal goal was garner interest about AAH in hospitality and public spaces, which was achieved by creating content for industry events and for public-facing spaces like social media. 


Figure 2: Preopening Brochure


Figure 3: Interior & Exterior Hotel Imagery


Our photographic journey with Angad Arts Hotel has spanned from early construction shots to details of the newly finished interiors to capturing events and the blooming community at the hotel. We have essentially worked to capture every piece of the hotel’s life, and continue to photograph interior updates, rotating art, and a variety of community activities. Our images have been utilized in hotel print materials, social media outlets, and national advertisements.


Figure 4: Photography for Social Media


Figure 5: Room Imagery


Figure 6: Storyteller Magazine Cover


When Angad Arts Hotel opened, management wanted to create a printed magazine for guests that would share stories about the artists and makers who contributed to the hotel. We were given the opportunity to create the entire magazine from start to end, and were tasked with creating stories and imagery for the 5 magazine sections: Visual Arts, Culinary, Performance, Literature, and Fashion. Our work included writing all of the copy, creating imagery, designing the layout, and establishing printing relationships to finalize the tangible piece. After months of love and labor, we worked with Advertisers Printing in St. Louis to print 5,000 copies of the perfect-bound, 40-page Storyteller, which introduced readers to the artists, ideas, and culture that helped create the essence of Angad Arts Hotel. 


Figure 7: Storyteller Spread Examples


To accompany the physical Storyteller, we created a microsite for additional content and a digitized version of the magazine to live. Like the print magazine, the site is broken up into the five main arts categories, with the homepage serving as an introduction to the magazine and its sections. We created all of the photographic and written content on the site, and linked each article to booking options to directly increase conversion rates. Our goal has been to intrigue and inform both recurring and potential guests to encourage them to book stays, attend events, and participate in the blooming hotel community.


Figure 8: Storyteller Website